Chopper Droids - 2019 Worlds - Top 64

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This is the Chopper Droids list I piloted to Top 64 at Worlds. I'd like to say that I knew this deck could win Worlds, but really it was just the only deck I felt comfortable with in the weeks leading up to the event. Andrew's list is definitely better than mine - I think that 1 or 2 copies of both Near Miss and Entangle would have been definite improvements for me (probably over Hasty Exit or Pacify).

Swiss Record: 6-2

Round 1: Win against Michael Spaulding (Destiny Council) playing Palp/Watto. Michael is definitely one of the toughest players in the Minneapolis meta, so I was not excited to get paired against him round 1. I had a blistering start, and he just was never able to get set up. I think he healed Palp for 13 (2x Bacta and 2x Dangerous Maneuver) over the course of the game.

Round 2: Loss against Bill Weber from Chicago playing Reylo. I don't remember much from this game, but I think Bill took a droid down on turn 1 and proceeded to crush me.

Round 3: Win against Jack (?) (Golden Dice Podcast) playing Reylo. I think I got an early Rex's Blaster down, which really gets the deck going for me. I think I also landed a Convergence on one of Rey's weapons after Kylo was defeated.

Round 4: Win against Sara from the UK playing Reylo. She had some really tough rolls to start the game and wasn't able to recover.

Round 5: Win against a great guy from Virginia (I think?) playing Palp/Motti. This was a really tight game that ended up going to time. I called a judge on myself during this one after I failed to identify which Grappling Arm was on Chopper vs. 3PO (which definitely mattered due to Salvaged Arms on Chopper). This game was incredibly close and easily could have gone either way.

Round 6: Win against Josh (?) from St. Louis playing a sweet eJango/Sentinel Messenger/Nute Gunray list. He couldn't find enough money to get his supports out early, and I was able to take Jango out on turn 2.

Round 7: Loss against Chris from New Hampshire playing Aphra. This one was really tight, but he was able to get a Fist down on turn 2. I was able to get his last character down to 4 remaining health when he took down my last droid.

Round 8: Win against Nicolas from Quebec City playing Chopper Droids. We both had to win to make it to day 2, so this was a pretty tense game. I intentionally kept a Convergence in my opening hand hoping to take down a 3-cost upgrade. He started with a Salvaged Arm on Chopper and then immediately did an overwrite into Dagger of Mortis, which I discarded from play on the next action. We each went after different droid - he took down Chopper first while I took down R2 first. The power of R2+3PO+Fateful was able to push me through to the win.

I ended day 1 in 14th, which was better than I had honestly even hoped for.

For Day 2, my Round of 64 opponent was Grandpa Jake. He was on an awesome Poe/Aayla/AR list. Going in, I was thinking I might have a decent matchup, but Jake's list was definitely tuned to handle droids well. This was the first match of the day streamed on the FFGLive Twitch channel, so I won't get into too much detail here. I was able to take the first game, but Black One and/or Treasured Lightsaber(s) were enough to overwhelm me in the other two games.

Worlds was a blast this year and I hope I can earn an invite to next year's event too! Thanks to all of the great players in the Minneapolis meta who put up with me jamming this list in our local meet-ups for the past month and a half.

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