Yoda Han (Infinite format with ban list)

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Fresck 228

Hello All!

Fresck from the Coruscant Swoop Gang here to post another funky deck!

Since I'm not going to worlds, and we made our National Championship last week, there is a looong time before we have any tournament coming in France...

So here's why I'm starting to look at infinite format! But the problem is even if they balanced characters, they didn't create a ban list. I am aware of the restricted list, but it doesn't help at all the format for me... Some cards from the first cycle and few ones of the newer cycles are objectively way too strong...

The ban list :

We tried to have the smallest and fairest banlist possible, since we consider the following cards as being only Negative Play Experience :

I won't explain why each card is banned, but if you have any question, please ask! I'll be glad to anwser! :)

Now that this is done, let's get into the deck!

So this is the most pleasent deck I have played since a long time... It's pretty straight forward, but it's the destiny I love : upgrades, stability, action cheat!

The upgrades

Guns and lightsabers! The core of Star Wars! The real thing in this deck, is that you can equip anybody, the only restriction comes from the Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber! So you have a real flexibility on who to build-up while the other one is beaten-up!

  • With 2 DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol and 1 Han Solo's Blaster, you have 3 more removals, which gives the deck a total of 9 controls!
  • X-8 Night Sniper is a quite strange upgrade: it's sides have high variance, and can do as wondreful as crap. It's action is where the card is very intersting, when money flows, and stability is needed. But in this deck, the card is perfect.
  • There's almost nothing to say about the Holdout Blaster : it's just the most balanced upgrade created in the whole game : no crazy side, no broken ability, just a solide 2-drop card fitting the deck like no other.

  • Yoda's Lightsaber and Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber are the only upgrades made just for Yoda, but they are also the most powerful : both combo insanely good with him, and both do unblockable damage, which is a pain in the a** of the opponent.

Most of the upgrades can deal 3 damages, combined with Han's powerful 2/3, you can take down most of the little characters, and bigger ones consistently AND quickly.

The Events

This is where the deck shines with all it's jedi and scoundrel tricks... With a total of 17 cards with ambush, the deck can give Han Solo almost 2 to 3 per turn. This survivability is equivalent to having an average +2HPs per turn, easily bringing him up to 16HPs, which makes him the character with the most HPs in the game!

  • The most powerful card and keystone of the deck is Riposte : From nowhere, you can have Han with 2 by playing an upgrade and an event and killing a character by Riposteing just after. The most ataru-ish move you can do :D

  • Rendezvous is also one of my favourite cards, since you can resolve Han Solo's 3 without money, and have your opponent suprised when you roll it on the spot.

  • Swiftness is a card i'm still testing, haven't played it yet, but I believe it can do magic... The future will tell us.

  • Hold On! and Heightened Awareness are the trickiest cards to play, but also the most defensive options you have. Moving to the targeted character is primary to have both stand as long as possible.

  • Truce is the best card for Han Solo : ambush, and giving 1 to the opponent is a big deal when you have your 2 hanging, and you don't want to resolve it on only 1.

  • The other events are quite straight forward too : cheap mitigation and a bit of hand management.

The only one and true support

  • Qui-Gon Jinn's Spirit is still in testing, but I also bet that this support can do wonderful things with Yoda's special chaining into a whole lot of damage!

The battlefield

Thanks for reading!

All in all, I really love both characters, Yellow/Blue hero is such a special combination, and is really fun to play. Find your own tricks, and tell me about it!

I hope you like the deck, and give it a try, even without the banlist! (with force speed and hyperspace jump, the deck is bonkers...)

6 hozzászólás

Dake 1

I really like the idea of infinite with a banned list. Standard is way too restrictive if you don't want to buy new cards all the time, and some of the older (and newer) cards are pretty bogus. So infinite with a banned list strikes the right balance, I think. I also think your banned list is really sensible. How do you feel about Vader's Fist?

Fresck 228

Hey thanks!

That's a good question! I think in a world where only desperate measures is a real solution against vader's fist, Life is unfair, meaning standard...

But in infinite the solutions are way more various and powerful : salvage stand, fair trade, surgical strike etc... Vador's fist is strong whatever the format, but infinite can handle better the issue. Also with delve banned, it's way harder to pull it out turn 1 which was almost an autowin. For now, I'd rather leave it as is, and ban it later if any issue is found :)

Hope this banlist spreads wider and hell, even gets official so that we could play a healthy and awsome infinite!

Icezox 7

I fresck, I realy like your deck and the idea of the ban list. I thought that there was Close Quarters Assault in the at the begining. Did you change the list with the others of the gang?

MaimVoorhees 93

I like this idea! Do you have a straight infinite list without your banned list?

MaimVoorhees 93


Fresck 228

Hey! @MaimVoorhees Sorry I wasn't noticed by mail of your comment! I did have a straight list of this without our ban list! I guess it was something like this for the switch :

-1 heightened awareness

-2 hold on

-1 swiftness

-1 entangle

+2 force speed

+2 easy pickings

+1 hyperspace jump