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Yahari 29

This deck is inspired by Mikes Maul watto deck from Dice commando that he took to a 4-0 victory. When I first saw this. I really thought it was garbage. Then you watch it play. One thing Maul was missing was just a bit of consistently. With watto as a partner, it really helps. You're able to afford upgrades, Mitigation, and Vader's fist through out the game. 22HP is pretty decent for a 2 hero team. Put your Pulse Cannons on watto so He can close out a game when Maul finally bites the dust. Delve into Vader's fist. Hope your power actions don't whiff. Don't be afraid to use watto's power action on mauls die. It's a 65% chance You'll make a buck. Also don't be afraid To use watto's Dice for Fighting pit. In most of my games with this. No one goes for watto. They only kill him if I put him close to death with indirect and such.

I've been playing it On TTS for the past few days. I've got alot of success with it. I've won against 3PO-R2-Chopper, Mace Padme, Reylo, and Jabba, wat, SM. I haven't had a chance to play against ewoks tho, So I can't give much input on that. But I imagine maul with a decent sized health pool can deal enough damage. Save yourslef some damage and just go with Arena of death. Fighting Pit is litterly useless in that matchup.

What would I change? Definatly 2 mauls, instead of vader's saber. the 1 side really sucks for Power action. Maybe play with the Mitigation package a bit, see what feels better.

Anyway. This deck is ALOT of fun. Maul's a great character, and I defiantly like this pairing the most out of all the ones I've tried, including FOST, Executioner, SM etc.

Give this a try and let me know what you would change. Thank you for reading this write up. #Gocommando.

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