Palp and Watto

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Esély: 0% – 0% tovább
ePalp3/eWatto (Dice Of Failure Original) 20 15 17 1.0
"Two Face" Palp/Watto 5-1 @ GQ's - write up inc 23 18 16 2.0

Zombane 433

This is my take on Palp/Watto after having played the Dice of Failure version. I found that the lack of removal really hurt it, and there were a lot of bad cheap upgrades for health only. I always had more success when I got the big hitting upgrades out and I never struggled for resources thanks to Watto - Stubborn Gambler. I think this version is a kind of "quality over quantity" approach to upgrades, and has more removal to keep Palps alive.

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