look at all these shields

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lengelmp 1152

The idea is simple, get a binds out early and cheat out upgrades on Padawan. Multiple times I was able to play an It Binds, Shoto and Ancient on the padawan turn 1. This play is made much more possible with lightsaber pull and with that I can consistently get 2 upgrades out turn 1. Deck runs enough control and shield production for durability. Start stacking shields, keep the padawan alive and use synchronicity and riposte as finishers. I like to split my shotos for constant shield production on both characters. A shoto on Obi-Wan is really good too and can prevent the opponent from shielding up. You can drag the game out and win by slowly beating them on damage if need be. The shields add so much extra health and defensive teaching might be broken with shotos, obi wan and obi-wan's lightsaber in play. I normally keep riposte for a finisher on a character. Or if I am about to make a bunch of shields through Obi-Wan or Shotos and have nowhere to put them. Adapt is when I am in a bind and need to pay for a resource side or to sneak that last upgrade out. I would gladly trade a shield for a Force Illusion or Ancient.

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Ramin2-D2 544

should focus on redeploy. Heirloom and Rey Lightsaber. drop it for cheap on Padawan.

tiforever495 1

Jar Jar > Obi Wan