phasma hondo

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Capricorn06 185

One of the best villain parring for Hondo in my opinion. It's not the best deck in meta but sure it works.I won with it with kylo2/talzin which is really good now. Card choice and explanation :

*Armor Plating - put in on phasma and combo it with The Best Defense...

*Captain Phasma's Blaster - it's a Poe Dameron's Blaster villain counterpart

*Outmaneuver it stacks pretty well with The Day is Ours and Occupation play 1st one then start turn with second and u still have one left at least

*Truce - why this over Well-Connected. It is because is doesn't matter. u take it when u want to play Occupation or Diversion to disrupt free. u can also play The Day is Ours from it and then in the next round Occupation comes in play.

Enjoy and try it by urself

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