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Hello guys, let me introduce my new Captain Phasma - Elite Trooper Guavian Enforcer First Order Stormtrooper deck, focused on dealing with Poe Dameron - Ace Pilot Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen decks! In August 24th i´ve played a storechapms, made 4-0 but amazing 3-0 against Poemaz´s decks, The other matchup was Vader Raider.

The idea is to be prepared to deal with Poemaz decks and be able to handle other meta calls like Vader Raider, Funkar and 99´s Decks.

My main strategy is to keep Phasma alive as long as i construct my field, and in early-mid game be prepared to deal high damage, controlling my enemys dice easily. Every card in the deck has a purpose, but they are all planned initially to be answers to Poemaz´s decks (able to deal with every deck in the game).

Lets talk about each of then:


Hunker Down - The shield generator of the deck, open hand with it may turn your life to more 3 points at least! A great card with zero cost to generate shields each turn, making Phasma more difficult to kill, even making possible to use best defense with her.

Imperial Discipline - It´s more like a Focus on your char, the one cost makes a good choise in your open hand, better if you have DH-17 togheter!

DH-17 Blaster Pistol - Best low cost red upgrade of the game, its a good pair with imperial discipline, with 3 sides of ranged damage.

F-11D Rifle - Good weapon with redeploy, 4 sides of damage, better use to give redeploy to a character that is gonna die.

Holdout Blaster - the same as F-11D but with ambush to acelarate your first turns, but only 3 sides of damage. still one of the best upgrades of the game!

Z6 Riot Control Baton - This weapon is excelent to mid-late game, it has redeploy and you can reroll once if the result is not what you expect, great chance to do at least 2 melee damage and possible to use bait and switch


Backup Muscle - the best AWK card in my opinion. 2 of them can do 6 unblockable damage in 3 turns. nothing more to say.

Salvage Stand - Guavian has 2 resources sides and 3 damage sizes, this means that with 2 Salvage Stands in teh field, his roll is a WIN-WIN condition. Take your enemy´s resources and wait to see what can he do without money...


Bait and Switch - Important to say that in a defensive deck this card can be very agressive and it can correct bad rolls, you can possibly discard to reroll all dice or use in a resource like Z6 and hit 3.

Tactical Mastery - Two turns to rerrol and hit is a great play, almost all times my opponent has only 1 character with something like 5, 6 life, tactical mastery gave me the win. You need luckm but is a way to take your opponents opportunity to remove your dice or kill your character before you can activate.

Sabotage - Here to avoid Planetary Uprising and Imperial Inspection, both cards are my opponent´s worst play for my game. If your opponent with funkar open with Imperial Inspection and you do not have any Sabotage, it´s gonna be a tough game... and Planetary in Poemaz is a way to accelerate things for your opponent.

Friends in Low Places - The best way to take Defensive Position and Hit and Run from a poemaz player´s hand. you can also take off other Friends in Low Place from his hand if you have a Best Defense that you cannot loose.

Flank - The best removal for this deck, because you almost always have more characters ready than your opponent. so it´s less one poe´s die to deal with...

He Doesn't Like You - other removal that is very important because of it´s zero cost, but you have to remove one of your own die. this is not a problem when you have a blind Trooper...

The Best Defense... - No need to explain this card right? Only the best removal of the game, it costs one and you have to do 3 damage to a red character, but this is nothing to worry by its benefit to ELIMINATE one opponents turn! imagine that your opponent rolls POE, you uses The best defense and his entire turn is mitigated... what can he do? rolls maz and deal 2 damage? Imagine this with Palpatine - Galactic Emperor... you remove his 2 dice, he can only wait and try to mitigate your dice... Its far far the best removal of the game... it´s the best defense for you!

There are two cards that i considered to put in my list: Electroshock and Doubt. They are excelent removals (shock is a direct removal but depends on guavian stays alive and number 2 on the enemy´s die, doubt with his ZERO COST is an amazing removal option but it´s risk to reroll Poe´s dice with his 50% chances to deal damage).

The choice of do not put this cards was based on how The Best Defense... can be effective in my local meta, so in one turn, if i play the best defense, i can reduce my enemy´s chances of dealing damage to near 0 paying only one resource. So i figured out there is no need to put too much removals.

Not like Nick Obee, i do not like to put Aftermath in my deck neither Jetpack. Jetpack is great with Imperial Discipline but in my last games i tryed to use more events so opted to take Jetpack out. Aftermath can be a great card in this deck, but since i was focused in beat Poemaz, i thought the card would not be so effective in my matches, resources was not a problem for me in most of ocasions.

That´s it guys!

Hope you enjoy playing with this deck and as soon as i test otehr options for the deck i will upgrade my list.

Please, if you like the deck, give a like and comment your options to improve it!

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