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Rosalvos 240

I used to play Luke Rey, but in a conversation they told me "Obi-Wan Rey is much better, why play with Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight?" So I went to test and I actually discovered some very interesting things with old Kenobi.

The deck does not change much of the list with Luke, the upgrades remain basically the same, but now with two One With The Force we have an enormous facility to put on the table, especially if Obi-Wan falls.

Force Speed ​​is highly synergistic with Rey, and if you need speed you just need to use Swiftness to roll over and try to secure your two actions in order to activate the old Kenobi or even control the opponent's data.

Lightsaber on this deck is more for redeploy, if Rey is almost dying we can override and not lose an upgrade, using this and One With The Force to enjoy our upgrades to the maximum.

Makashi Training is a great card with its very consistent die and good melee damage control.

Vibroknife besides guaranteeing us a great action cheat also gives us unblockable damage, being able to give us advantage against several decks like Han Rey, among others.

Caution is a great card to use with Obi-Wan, with it we can make the most of old Kenobi's guard. We can also hold Rey or Obi-Wan for longer at the table.

Destiny is still being tested, but it's great to use expensive upgrades like One With The Force or Lightsaber for free in the first round, if we've already spent our credits on another upgrade, it will give us the advantage over the opponent.

Determination is also being tested, but it can give us a surprise damage, a necessary resource or even a shield so we can save our characters. It is a card that if used in the right way can make a lot of difference in a match.

Guard is great with the dices we use, dices from Obi-Wan, Lightsaber, Makashi or Rey can be a great removal.

Heroism will help us spread the damage between the characters, combining with the Obi-wan guardian we have great control.

My Ally Is The Force is one of the stars of the deck, being able to solve Obi-Wan's x2 focus by turning the same die to the damage side and solving it. It is a card that we can use to create many moves that the opponent does not expect.

Noble Sacrifice is our trap, if Obi-Wan is defeated we can use from graveyard or from our hand to sacrifice the old Kenobi, exhaust an enemy character and thus again activating Obi-Wan's ability to bring One With The Force, among several other moves combining noble sacrifice with Obi-Wan's ability.

Swiftness is another card that helps us make plays that the opponent does not wait, solve die before he can control, do actions cheats with Rey. For example we can use Swiftness> Use the Force and then solve our data, or Swiftness> Use the Force> Heroism. We have many great combinations that can be used with this card.

The deck is still under test, I really want to test trust your instincts on this deck, maybe increase the number of Destiny or Determination.

After a few tests I will probably modify this list. I hope you like it. :)

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WarTeacher 71

Determination is for sure a 2 of. It allows you to get some surprise kills off of ObiWan dying. It is often more useful than My Ally is the Force off of a dying Obi.