It's a Jedi!

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Matt_the_Bro 1

This is the product of pulling elite Luke Skywalker in my first pulls. Idea is to do a ton of damage but also a little bit of milling (which with Admiral Ackbar means more damage). Most of the Skywalker/Ackbar decks I have seen have completely overlooked the advantages of having discard elements like Commando Raid and Close Quarters Assault. Why? Ackabar is more than just a dude with a 2 focus for Luke's dice. Not taking advantage of his ability is a huge waste imo.

Mind Probe is a great card to combo with Ackbar. Your opponent either has to play cards quickly to avoid getting mind-fucked, but if they over extend then they get fished.

Close Quarters Assault is absolutely devastating once you get to round 2 or 3 and have a Lightsaber or Force Training in play.

The fact is Luke Skywalker does so much damage on his own, that you really just need to keep him alive for bit. The discard helps with that as it prevents your opponent from doing what they want to do.

Also, don't be afraid of running Jedi Temple. This deck is fairly aggro, so just play your events as you get them if you think your opponent will be claiming the battlefield; none of them cost more than one. It will also incentivize your opponent to play cards quickly, which provides you the opportunity to trigger Admiral Ackbar.

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larsen67 147

Can you trigger your Commando Raid very often ? Admiral Ackbar is the only red showing discard icon.

Matt_the_Bro 1

I have used Commando Raid a lot actually. If I don't need to refocus Luke's die with Ackbar's double focus, there is enough focus in this deck to make sure I can usually get to Akbar's discard if I have it in hand. Three card discard to trigger 2 damage is no joke.