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Sister Sledge 131 109 30 1.0
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LlamaDrama 1

This is basically "Sister Sledge" but with Starship Graveyard instead of the throne room. I don't like the idea of letting my opponent have the chance to activate a possibly game winning special. The graveyard lets me occasionally pull back an upgrade I've ditched with No Mercy.

Otherwise this plays exactly like "Sister Sledge" so look that one up for tips and strategy.

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Peacelord 1154

It's a good change up! I've actually been experimenting with "Rebel War Room" as the battlefield for the Sister Sledge build; it's frequently not awful if it gets claimed by your opponent, but can be very useful with the 2 for 1 resource sides on Kylo or that 3 for 1 resource ranged damage on the Mind Probe.

LlamaDrama 1

@Peacelord Rebel War Room is also another pretty safe card. I was using it in a rainbow deck with Ren and found it a good match up. I can see where it could be good here too.