The Phantom Menace: Podracing: Sebulba

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jrcovin 18

This thematic Episode I deck is built to be played against the Anakin deck. This is the first pair of decks in The Phantom Menace Series. These decks have the theme of podracing. This deck includes elite Maul - Vengeful One and elite Sebulba - Cutthroat Podracer.

Try to get one of your podracers out early (either Sebulba's Podracer or Podracer). Be the first to win Boonta Eve Classic so that you can get a lot of resources. Bait and Switch can be very useful with Maul because if he rolls a side or side than he can do damage if you play Bait and Switch.

Intimidate will be very useful because the opposing deck will have shields so you can use it to knock of their shields.

Be sure to try to use Sebulba Always Wins to discard an opponent's podracer that has tokens on it for 2 resources. Disable can also be useful for exhausting an opponent's podracer.

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