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I just rebuilt my own version of this deck, including Admiral, as I suggested to you on the last version of this one. You can see the old version of my deck from back in April at . I haven't had a chance to put the new version in the computer yet, but I'll let you know when I do.

I really like the idea of using Admiral on this Grievous, but I'm just not sure if the deck will generate the resources to use it. I included 2 each of Respite and Fresh Supplies to help pay for everything. I'm also not sure if this deck even needs Admiral, as It's solid enough even without it.

My other big question is which plot to use: Retribution or Lightsaber Mastery to have Fatal Blow always available. I used Lightsaber Mastery in the last version, and I'm leaning towards doing that again, but I'll have to play it a few times and see which happens more often: opponents removing my character dice or my actually having the money and opportunity to play Fatal Blow.

Dmoney 481

Yeah that's my main worry with Admiral. I have yet to play test this so dunno if it will even work. I do think adding You are in Command now might be a good addition. Resources are going to be a issue no matter how you look at it