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Fromper 130

Creative idea! I really like your team and setup combo, though I'd probably build the deck itself a little differently.

I wouldn't bother with most of those supports, except maybe R2-D2, and I'd probably include 2 each of Diplomatic Protection and Destiny Fulfilled. Time the Destiny Fulfilled well, so that your weapons redeploy, and you can have a huge damage round late in the game.

Just one question: I've seen the combination of Arena of Death - Nar Shaddaa and Chief Chirpa - Bright Tree Village Elder on other decks posted here since the restricted list was amended. Are we sure that the rules allow that battlefield to be played with the set aside Ewok Warrior from Chirpa? The Rules Reference doesn't even mention the Restricted List, so the whole thing seems a little unclear to me. I wouldn't want to show up to a tournament with a deck that some judges think is illegal.

Strog 864

Hi, I've played this team at Worlds and went 5-3 with it. It feels really weird that a decklist just show up after. As I'm still in vacation I will post my list when I'll be back home, it is quite different and of course it includes diplomatic protection and destiny fulfilled.