Thrawn Blue Mill

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FragrantOlives 297

Still in the testing phase, let me know what you think.

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TurkeyClubSamich 91

I still don't like Cultural Records very much. It costs 2, and it sets you back an action if you're not resolving the special side, and it seems like it would be beneficial to finish your round in time to claim and keep control of Occupied City - Lothal. Between your character dice, Dooku's PA, and your upgrades, you'll have plenty of ways to hit your opponent's hand for cards, and its passive ability only rarely comes into play. I'd probably use this slot for more removal, since your squad is only 22 health with nary a shield side to be seen on any dice.

Orffme 64

This deck is beautiful

n0stra 8

Cool deck :)

I would probably add Flames of the Past x1 and Senate Chamber x1 instead of Cultural Records.

FragrantOlives 297

Thanks for the feedback all.

After playing a few test games, I've dropped the Cultural Records for 2x Spell of Removal. Since you have deck knowledge this card is almost always a 2-for-1. I've dropped both Separatist Embargoes for 1x Flames of the Past & Tactical Mastery & swapped that battlefield for Command Center - Lothal.

Let me know if you can think of any other changes, and I'll report back after getting more games in.

calopessoa 1

Did you give a try with Counterintelligence (using Thrawn`s PA afterwards)?

FragrantOlives 297

@calopessoa I did, however adding cards to the opponents deck wasn't a recipe for mill success.