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This deck was inspired by the deck featured in this Magnuson Madness article ( and the Dead Lovers deck published by LegoRacer1 (

The strategy for playing this deck is fairly similar to the one outlined in the Magnuson article, with a few slight differences. Firstly, without Theed Royal Palace - Naboo to aid your ramp, you need to rely on a couple of cards to assist you. Hence the inclusion of Truce and It Binds All Things. Deathwatch Hideout - Concordia helps a bit too, if you manage to claim, and it also offers modest protection against mill decks and Flames of the Past. Secondly, without Mace Windu - Inspiring Master's power action to help you cycle and find your upgrades, you'll need a little help from Lore Hunter, which I strongly recommend deploying on Satine Kryze - Hope of Mandalore. The deck is a little light on removal, though four of the removal cards included can affect multiple dice (Channel The Force and Dodge, the latter of which is specifically included to combat Captain Phasma - Stormtrooper Commander decks).

You'll be tucking Deflecting Slash (extra removal) and one Fatal Blow underneath Lightsaber Mastery, keeping your other Fatal Blow in your draw deck. Fatal Blow, especially in combination with Instigate, is your lethal combo. Between the Custom Bandoliers and the Mandalorian Jetpacks and the Republic Jedi Armors, plus all your weapons, you can often resolve an Obi-Wan Kenobi - Ardent Avenger die for +6 damage.

It's a little bit trickier staying alive with this deck than with the Magnuson deck, but obviously finding and using your Bacta Therapy is key, as well as resolving shields fairly frequently instead of re-rolling them in hopes of pushing damage early. Stay alive and keep dropping upgrades until you can hit your opponent with a Fatal Blow.

This deck is bonkers fun, and will leave many of your opponents going "Wait, that card does what? Can I read that?", along with their crestfallen sighs when you play Bacta Therapy to heal for five. I hope everyone who tries it out has as much fun with it as I do.

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TurkeyClubSamich 68

Just now realizing that guarding against Flames of the Past is irrelevant, as that card is not Trilogy legal.