2018 World Championship Deck

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eKylo/eAnakin featured at www.yourdestiny.dk 2 2 2 1.0
Kylo2 and Anakin1 (Thematic Budget) 3 2 0 1.0
2018 World Championship Deck 0 0 0 1.0

edwinchen50 1550

Full write up to come....

Day 1B

eRey/eAayla - W

eSabine/eEzra - W

eTalzin/eBala/FOST - W

eKylo/eGreedo - W

e7th/Cienna/Nightsister - W

eBoba/e7th - W

Day 2

eSabine/Yoda - W

eObi/eMaz - L

eYoda/eHondo - W

Top 16

eThrawn/eTalzin - 2-1

e7th/Cienna/Nightsister - 2-0

eSabine/eEzra - 2-0

eRey/eAayla - 2-0

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RodyFigueiredo 134

Congrats man, great games, you deserved it! Just one question, why Decisive Blow, how many times you´ve used it and in which circunstancies?

staylor598 451

@RodyFigueiredoit is kind of like Snare, but you can see that their character rolled something worthy of getting rid of all dice before you decide to do it.

Knotmecknor 1

Congrats man, it was a awesome final. It was obvious you put in the work.

dodoune 1

Lot's of shit card in there, Game with no price money get soft field.

edwinchen50 1550

@RodyFigueiredo Decisive Blow is just a blow out card. With so many melee sides in the deck, it's almost always available to use and a lot less restrictive than Snare. Was really useful in 1v1 situations when each player had a loaded up character and won me about 3-4 games.

GreenRonin33 9

@dodouneOr maybe tech cards are meta dependent? Decisive Blow as a one of is excellent tech against a lot of decks right now, and I especially like it here with the lowered upgrade suite.

On another note. Excellent finish!

chinovalley 322

Nice list and congrats! I piloted K2/A3 to a 7-0 Swiss record in a Regional but lost in top 8 to rainbow villain. Looks like you made it through those types of matchups and took it all down. Love the character combo (did you know each character is #1 card in their respective sets?). Your list isn't far off from mine but has some distinct differences. Well done.

Ragnus Ren 16

Did you use no mercy at all?

chinovalley 322

Never liked No Mercy myself--replaced it with Unyielding. But either one can be a game winner, for sure.

RodyFigueiredo 134

@edwinchen50 i thought that was inviable with so many fast special chain decks and Sabine´s, but, now i can consider the tech! congrats again

wdp 1

Congratulations on the win @edwinchen50! Had a blast watching along on stream.

Ragnus Ren 16

I really like decisive blow having one of. No mercy is the only one I wonder about.

5P33D 75

I watched your best of 3 match against Thrawn in the top 16 and then the final, and I have to say you played really well. But I have a question. Did you realize that when you used Kylo's ability you picked the card on the right every time? Out of the five matches I watched you play (3 against Thrawn and 2 in the final) you only picked a card other than the one on the right once. I'm not trying to be rude, you're obviously a great player. I'm just wondering if you are aware you did this.

edwinchen50 1550

@5P33DYea I was kind of aware of it. My opponents were blind shuffling their hands before each activation and I trusted them to shuffle well so I just picked the same card every time. Also at that point of the day I didn't want to spend much time thinking about which card to pick.

artyzipp 7

@edwinchen50 are there any links to the matches you are talking about above?

Shallsnuffit 2

@artyzipp www.twitch.tv/ffglive HF :)

Zenclix 1

That's a good deck no doubt, but 16-2 at Worlds, and 8-1 in the Top 16, that's outstanding piloting. Congrats Champ!

DarthVincentius 42

Dude! Congrats on winning this year! I love to see a deck that is semi non meta (at least in my area, nobody has played this) win and especially not a combo I thought was even going to be played this year. I love the list and may toy with it myself. It looks super fun.

drbearsec 1

We built this off the stream and I was running it against some people before day 2 (My Day 1 performance was sadly only 3-3 with Kylo Talzin). It is a really nice deck and really fun to run. Nicely done on the design and nicely done on Worlds. Congrats.

evilporg 95

Nice deck. Somehow when I play Hidden Motive I feel it's not "so" good. Would you consider replacing them? I like more cards like Sound The Alarm or maybe Indomitable. A second question is, have you considered Trust Your Instincts?

edwinchen50 1550

@evilporg I understand your concerns with Hidden Motive, but this deck is so resource starved that it needs all the free mitigation it can get. I had expected a lot more Yoda/Hondo at Worlds and Hidden Motive is much much better than Sound The Alarm in that matchup.

I did consider Trust Your Instincts, it's definitely a great card. The only card I would cut is Intimidate. The problem is that this deck is already so light on villain cards to trigger Anakin Skywalker - Conflicted Apprentice's special, it can't really afford to cut any more.

Hessian Sack 1338

Congrats on your newly acquired bragging rights!

dj88c 16

Congrats on the win! @edwinchen50 One question I have on this deck that is probably inevitable now that it's a World Champion deck... How does it do in a mirror match or against a Kylo Ren - Tormented One deck in general since it's mostly blue cards?

Hessian Sack 1338

I have the same question as @dj88c. also, why Intimidate instead of Frighten? In my opinion, Frighten is better for a few reasons: firstly, the ambush keyword is great, secondly, you can split the removal between multiple characters, and thirdly, unless your opponent is running Mandalorian Armor or Defensive Teaching, it'll still remove all of a character's shields. Anyway, I'd just like to hear your opinion...

edwinchen50 1550

@dj88cIt fares OK in the Kylo Ren - Tormented One matchup. I played a couple of Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch/Kylo Ren - Tormented One decks in the side events and felt pretty good. In the mirror it really boils down to who can get the first Shoto Lightsaber or Ancient Lightsaber down. The longer you can keep Kylo Ren - Tormented One alive, the better shot you have so you should be trying everything you can to outlive the other Kylo Ren - Tormented One.

edwinchen50 1550

@Hessian Sack Frighten is definitely a good card but there are a couple issues. First, it costs 1 and in a such a resource starved deck with a pay sides on both characters, every dollar counts. There were many times in Swiss where I just couldn't do anything because of the lack of resources.

Regarding your point about multiple characters, for the most part I wasn't too worried about it as this deck just wants to focus down one character and move on to the next. Once one character goes down, Kylo Ren - Tormented One's ability and Shoto Lightsabers naturally just knock down shields.

Really what pushed Intimidate over Frighten was the resource cost. I've been very frustrated by how often I get pay sides I can't resolve.

Robthedestroyer 14

Awesome deck and good job at worlds

Hessian Sack 1338

OK @edwinchen50 thanks for the reply. Makes sense. What about Lightsaber Pull? How often did you use it? If/when you did, which cards were your priority to get? Additionally, how well did Heirloom Lightsaber and Crossguard Lightsaber serve you? Why did you choose to include them instead of some more resource generation or control?

edwinchen50 1550

@Hessian Sack Lightsaber Pull is a great card. In a deck with only 8 dice upgrades, it needs all the help it can deck getting upgrades out consistently. It would be a keep in the mulligan if I didn't draw any other upgrades and the targets varied depending on the situation. Usually if it's the first round, Crossguard Lightsaber is the pick to get quick damage and if I already have another upgrade, then Shoto Lightsaber is the call in order to get the shields going.

Heirloom Lightsaber is a good card and maybe a bit overrated. The 3 base damage sides are useful but not amazing and it's usually played to overwrite an upgrade on a dying character in order to get it redeployed. Crossguard Lightsaber is probably the best card in the deck. Being able to get off a 1 damage ping can't be overlooked and it has some pretty great sides for a 2 cost weapon.

Resource generation cards like Dark Counsel and Crystal Ball are just too slow for the deck. I'd rather be doing damage than hoping to get some additional resources.

Zenclix 1

I just realized that over one-third of the deck comes from the Core set. That’s just awesome!

helikaon 34

I'm confused about the battlefield choice. What am I missing?

helikaon 34

ignore me......character dice, duh.

nikljako 1

Are you going to play this deck also when Way of the Force is here? What cards would you consider using from Way of the Force?