Fargo Regional 1st & 2nd DestinyCouncil.com

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Maul's Saber Partyfest 1 0 0 1.0
NY Regional Winner Boba/7 31 25 8 1.0
KotH: Pre-season Ep 1. Winner: Seventh Boba 3 3 0 1.0
Top4 Seattle Regional 6-1 (8-3) 2 1 0 1.0
Winnipeg Regional Runner-Up Boba-Sister 8 5 0 1.0
e7theBoba 0 0 0 1.0
KRBF 0 0 0 1.0
Fargo Regional 1st & 2nd DestinyCouncil.com 4 1 4 1.0

The Destiny Council 2811

This is the deck that Luke Magnuson piloted to win the 55 player Fargo, ND Regional Championship.

Luke played Will Klein in the finals who ran the same deck with 5 card changes:

-1 B'Omarr Monastery - Teth / +1 Ewok Village - Endor

-1 Vibrocutlass / +1 Heirloom Lightsaber (This was wrong, play the Vibrocutlass -Will)

-1 Abandon All Hope / +1 Doubt

-1 Well-Connected / +1 Overconfidence

-1 Boundless Ambition / +1 Vandalize

Luke went 12-0 in games and Will went 8-3, all 3 of his losses were to Luke.

Check out DestinyCouncil.com in the next couple days for a trip report and possibly a podcast/vlog about the tournament.

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heyduuude 1

Surprising to see no Seeker Droids, beside the one free from Sister's ability.

zmanfarlee 19


stranglebat 832

I'm more surprised by 1 Maul's Saber than no seeker droids!

Good looking list though. Abandon all hope is great tech vs a lot of decks at the moment

futantshadow 15

seeker droid is only op if you abuse it by rolling 7th in 3-4 times in one turn. this deck is just solid up and down. i'm a little surprised by 2 well-connected and 0 truce, but giving your opponent extra cards is probably better then resources.

The Destiny Council 2811

@heyduuude Seeker Droid just isn't a very strong upgrade in general. It can't be Lightsaber Pulled and its value goes down even further once Sister is dead. The real value of ID9 Seeker Droid is in the OTK deck.

`@stranglebat Usually it's tough to play Maul's Lightsaber first round. If you do get Well-Connected in your opener, you can Lightsaber Pull Maul's. But most players kill Sister first, so drawing a Maul's late can be bad. Usually a first round Ancient on Boba is the best play.

kalzarunshackled 8

How'd Abandon All Hope work? I slotted up the Close Quarters Assaults this week and they're way better than I realized.

TallKing 1

Awesome work going the distance, glad you guys decided to take a chance on this deck and went all the way. In Tampa we knew that the deck just needed someone who had time to practice with it to win a regional.

zmanfarlee 19

With Rivals out I think its time to try Anakin out with this. He has the more aggressive die

The Destiny Council 2811

@kalzarunshackled Abandon All Hope worked out pretty well - I used it ~3-4 times over the course of the tournament, usually to pretty good effect. The goal of the card is to limit your opponents removal options, so that you spike damage on that turn (and this deck can hit really hard if your opponent can't stop you). It ends up being good into some matchups, poor into others. It's great against Talzin, and against the Hero decks that run blowout 1 cost removal (Easy Pickings, Defensive Position, etc.). It's also great against decks like Sabine-Ezra and Hero Mill that like to pile up resources to use on expensive events (Hyperspace Jump,Fall Back, etc). It's less good against the Villian decks that run a lot of 0 cost removal.

agent4doom 1

i beat this deck i was there and played e qui-gon and e anakin

kalzarunshackled 8

@The Destiny Council Yeah, I totally agree that the biggest plays 7/boba do is when you can ensure your opponent can't respond with mitigation. I'll slot up one and try dropping a Maul's Lightsaber, I've had enough wins without it t1 to try shifting to landing a Ancient Lightsaber as the go to play. Really support this composition, Boba Fett with lightsabers has been a childhood dream!

cooldinosaurpics 70

The one card I can't figure out the purpose of is Boundless Ambition. What's the thinking behind that one?

Otherwise, I love deck. Close Quarters Assault is awesome, as I managed to pull 2 Price of Failure as well as something else useful against a match against OTK. I'm keen to add one Coercion as another tech card against OTK (which as this point, I think you need). What though, that I do not know.

zmanfarlee 19

@cooldinosaurpics likely rerolls which is good of you know they have no mitigation from friends in low places.

eric212 1

How is abandon all hope good if they can choose to discard their hand if they have no hand, or lose resources if they have none.

zmanfarlee 19

@eric212 abandon all hope has proven itself time and again to be a great card in the hands of a skilled player.

eric212 1

@zmanfarlee Give me an example in which it would be good. I'm just curious. Not trying to be rude.

PK 18

@eric212 You play Abandon All Hope generally as your first action in the round. They've got 5 cards in hand and a ton of resources. You're right that you don't play it when they're low on either.

zmanfarlee 19


remorhaz 14

@eric212if you want to play abandon all hope you need to claim the battlefield and play it leading off the round preferably with your opponent sitting on more than 2 resources usually mid ->late game. they will almost always lose their resources and keep their cards. this leaves you free to roll out without fear of being disrupted by non zero cost removal. if they had big plans ie a mill deck wanting to fall back, a sabine deck wanting to never tell me the odds or hyperspace jump they will have to generate the resources from their dice and cards.

lengelmp 1152

Why not Coercion? make them mitigate their own dice. Get them to drop Price of Failure before it's useful. etc. That card is amazing

zmanfarlee 19

@lengelmp I would try coercion over abandon all hope possibly. The key is disrupting their mitigation.

pkremer 1

@eric212 I have been testing this deck a lot. While I don't play Abandon All Hope every game, it is devastating when you use it at the right time. A vehicle deck with 4 cards in hand that just reaped 4 or 5 resources from their dice being given that choice is brutal.

rkik 753

@zmanfarlee I tried this with Anakin and it's not as strong. It may have potential in Trilogy format. Anakin's pay side is annoying, and his special requires Villain cards. Many of the cards here are neutral, so it's hard to consistently have something to discard for it. The Sister with her extra die is just that much better.

coleformayor 65

Maybe you guys could help me out with this deck, looking to run it with a WOTF update. What are some key cards in the new set you would add or just tech in?

kalzarunshackled 8

Dagger of Mortis seems the only real guarentee, Division in the Force fits in aggro as well as a 1 of Paid Off. I tried Formidable and it doesn't offer the mitigation in exchange for drawing it late. As someone just ruthlessly dedicated to Boba Fett with lightsabers, it's a relief. I play a little more casually than tourney and I felt bad running a popular meta deck. I'm sure this still carries weight, but I think without more themed cards, Boba's got the backseat this set.