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Miami Regional 2nd Place - Rieekan/Yoda/Jedha 11 8 8 2.0
Hero mill 0 0 0 1.0
Yoda Rieekan Jedha Mill Deck 1 1 0 1.0
Yoda Mill 0 0 0 1.0

The Destiny Council 2811

This is the deck played by Brian Lindberg to win the Madison Wisconsin Regional on 2-3-2018. The same list was played by Will Klein to a top 8 finish. Brian played Will in the final round of swiss and again in the top 8. Not including games against each other, our combined record was 16-2.

You can find our article about this deck soon on www.DestinyCouncil.com.

We'll have a deck tech coming soon as well. Until then, a few notes about the card choices:

Scrap Heap and Fall Back are really the heart of the deck. Scrap Heap generates so many resources, even when you play it round 2 or 3. Being able to start every round with 3-4 resources allows you to play your powerful high cost cards like Fall Back, Entrenched, and Hyperspace Jump.

Fall Back usually resets the game on round 3-5. It's especially brutal if your opponent plays another upgrade as their first action of the round.

Hunker Down is almost always better than Spirit of Rebellion. Sometimes you have to wait until the end of the turn to play it against melee focused decks, but even then you can use it, then go to the next round and get 1 more shield out of it right away. It can also divert their attention to another character, or combo nicely with Protective Mentor.

Overconfidence is really strong for this deck because you're soft-controlling 1 die and removing the other. Usually that makes them want to discard to reroll back into damage, which plays right into your plan.

We both found All Quiet on the Front to be much less useful than we thought it would be. We both rarely used it, and were usually winning the game anyway. It could probably be cut for another Field Medic.

Other cards we considered:

Flank - More 3 and 4 character decks are rising to tier 1 and 2 of this meta. Most of the time you want to roll Rieekan on your first action of the turn, which turns flank off against certain matchups. It's still good against the 2 character decks, but it depends on your meta.

Sound the Alarm - Rarely do players have 3 or 4 damage dice sitting out in their pool. A lot of popular decks can special chain or All In to focus their dice, which makes Sound the Alarm a less and less attractive option.

Retreat - The problem with this card is that you're usually slower than your opponent. Hyperspace jump is there for when you're midway though the turn and you've milled some cards, then your opponent rerolls into max damage and you jump out of the way. Most of the time you don't have the luxury of giving them that extra action.

Yoda's Hut - Even in the perfect situation, when you get it first round and max out its usefulness, you're paying 2 resources to gain maybe 5 resources and 5-7 shields, very slowly. There are just better cards for doing either thing separately.

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dj88c 16

Love the deck tech in this (I played the pre-Legacies Rieekan mill at my Regional (one of the first)). I too found that I'd rather keep the shields than play All Quiet On The Front as it seems that it was a "Win-more" card or a final play to get rid of the pesky Ancient Lightsabers. Honestly, have you thought of using Patience in that slot?

Other questions for you though: Do you play Protective Mentor on Yoda or Rieekan? Did you have any opponents picking War-Torn Streets - Jedha in the matchups? I ran Command Center - Lothal and every opponent was scared of it so they always gave me the shields to start (which played into the mill strategy with Rieekan) but I seriously considered the War-Torn Streets - Jedha because of the out of hand option.

Thanks for posting and I'll have to read up on the deck tech more when your article is out!

The Destiny Council 2811

@dj88c, Thanks! I think Patience would be tough to use with so few dice in the deck. Also, you can usually get what you need with focus. The blowout play still exists with All Quiet On The Front, so I don't think it's wrong to include it in the deck, but just doesn't feel as strong as we thought it was going to be.

Usually Protective Mentor went on General Rieekan - Defensive Mastermind, but to save Jedha Partisan in a pinch, I've put it on Yoda. One time I put it on Jedha Partisan because they had split so much damage between Yoda and Rieekan. You just have to play into how your opponent is directing their damage and where you can make the most of your shields.

The problem with Command Center - Lothal is that you rarely claim with this deck until the very end. It's likely that they will just take your battlefield and mill you out. I only had 1 person take War-Torn Streets - Jedha all day. I think that's usually the right choice, but people seem to be scared of it. The best feeling is when they take their battlefield and then, at the end of the game, you Hyperpsace Jump back to War-Torn Streets - Jedha to get their last few cards.

TheBrianFactor 60

Love this decklist and congrats on the regional win! I'm honing my hero mill for my regional that's in March.

What are your thoughts on Imperial Palace - Coruscant instead of War-Torn Streets - Jedha? As you outlined in your response to dj88c, you only want this battlefield in play late game when you're pushing for that hand disruption to end the game. I've found that Imperial Palace - Coruscant allows more crucial/tactical claims to make sure your opponent doesn't have a blow-out card to ruin your plans (i.e. All In, No Mercy, etc.)

The Destiny Council 2811

Thanks @TheBrianFactor!

We did discuss Imperial Palace - Coruscant. We've found that in the early and mid-game our opponent would claim to get rid of your best card every turn. Then, at the end of the game we were trying to get their last 2-4 cards, which were mostly useless anyway, because if they play their cards, it gets us closer to winning.

With War-Torn Streets - Jedha, they only get your best card sometimes, not every time. Then at the end of the game, you're still just getting 1 card out of their hand, and it rarely matters if it hits a specific card or not.

Dz 70

The right play (most of the time) vs General Rieekan - Defensive Mastermind is always take his battlefield -- you simply can't let him get free shields early unless you have a card that can chop off those shields.

Imperial Palace - Coruscant is definitely the better battlefield, but given how slow this deck is compared to other meta decks, I'd be very wary of it especially if my opponent chooses my battlefield (this avoids him picking off your Fall Backs, HSJ, C3PO). War-Torn Streets - Jedha gets what you want (juicy discard) without some added security of losing a key card if you draw it too early.

Diehardlurch 1

It is a great deck, I ran a similar build at my local weekly tournament and blitzed it. Congrats on the win

Deep83 1

hi, how are you doing against slow players? Every time I see this deck into play it lose against a player that have a slow deck and play slowly...

dj88c 16

@Deep83If you are playing in a tournament you have every right to ask them to speed it up and have a judge called over if they are playing slowly. I find if you play mill in tournaments you have to have your plays ready.

The Destiny Council 2811

@Deep83 We never had a game go to time all day. Most of them were done in about 20-25 minutes. This deck mills very quickly as long as you take normal turns.

If you suspect someone is purposefully playing slowly against you, you should definitley call a judge. The judge should keep an eye on your opponent and give them a warning if they think they are slow playing and a game loss if they continue to do it after that. One of the announcements the TO made before this tournament was that slow-play would not be tolerated.

Jiveturkey 1

I feel like Hush-98 Comlink should be a 1 of auto include in this deck. I would love to hear anyone's thoughts on this card. Cheers!

Jiveturkey 1

nvmd :)

dpuck1998 46

Thoughts on using Force Illusion? Seems like a good fit.

The Destiny Council 2811

@dpuck1998 We did consider Force Illusion. We wanted to limit the number of upgrades we played because of Fall Back. The other problem is that most of your cards are very important and occasionally you get close to being milled yourself. It can be dangerous to lose those cards and put yourself beind on the mill race.

Wags 28

Did you ever consider having Entangle replace one of your other removal cards? I’m watching your deck tech now and you wanted removal targeting 2 dice. Just curious if that was a thought

JustJackGDP 408

Thoughts on Bespin Wing Guard now that Rivals is legal? What do you cut for it if you do?