Spectres 1 and 4 btl

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Lordboba 26

This btl deck is a decent deck. It takes time however... Tips every round

  • weapons come first ( the redeploy is useful)
  • cheap dice removal hidden motive easy pickings nullify always are used as they are cheap so we can get more weapons.
  • finding good combos like using obi wans lightsaber and qui gons together is useful as you can deal unblockable damage equal to the number of shields while qui gons lightsaber stacks up.
  • rewriting weapons' like yoda lightsaber for a anakins saber is always useful.
  • Keep resource spending to a minimal on events the main thing about this deck is use the resources mostly on weapons. Entangled is a desperate dice removal.

Please give me recommendations on this deck


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Snortado 56

Cool Deck!

Reading some of the Q&A rulings - Rewriting (or overwriting) a unique upgrade to another unique upgrade doesn't offer a discount. You can overwrite, but you still need to pay the cost of the second unique upgrade (i.e. overwriting Yoda's Lightsaber for Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber does not give you a 1 cost discount)

pupitbackster 1

@Snortado If you overwrite Yoda's saber with Anakins saber, it will give you a discount!

Snortado 56

Yes, sorry. Ignore that. Wrong example

This example would work since they are different unique upgrades, but you would have to pay full cost to overwrite (use ability on card) with a copy of the same unique weapon.

Per page 30 of the Star Wars Destiny Rules Reference: "Can I discard a unique upgrade in play to play and lower the cost of another copy?" • No

Anyways, this blew my mind when I saw the Q&A on the rules reference. This example isn't the same, but my real goal was to start a discussion on this ruling (since I always overwrote unique's - like yoda's lightsaber for yoda's lightsaber)

Raspujuan 365

@SnortadoIs not discard is an overwrite

Snortado 56

Correct, but 'overwriting' tells you to discard the upgrade in play prior to playing the new one at a discount. So the submitted question is just referring to overwriting mechanic

Per ruling, discounts don't work when you overwrite for a dead ringer unique upgrade. You need to pay full price.

Other overwrite combos are fine.

P.S. - Sorry to bog up comment section @Lordboba!

Raspujuan 365

@Snortadono, not work like that, you can read the section "Overwrite upgrades" to see how it works.. No, you can overwrite and use the BTL advantage.

Snortado 56

I get how the overwrite works Like I said, I've been playing the game the way you're describing for years (overwrite a unique with same copy for a discount).

It wasn't until recently I was shown the Q&A in the rules reference that contradicts that ruling (Response provided by FFG)

"Can I discard a unique upgrade in play to play and lower the cost of another copy?" • No

Seems pretty straight forward response. Play however you want to play (maybe FFG responded incorrectly), it's just something that I found that was worth sharing.

Raspujuan 365

@Snortado discard is related with your hand cards, not from played cards. "Discard to reroll is all about in this game.

Snortado 56

No, Rules and Reference question states... Can I discard a unique upgrade "in play" to play and lower the cost of another copy?

States discarding a card from play...

Anyways, this isn't the place for this discussion. I'll need to post it on the r/swdestiny

Raspujuan 365

@Snortado maybe if you read the rules you van get your answer:

Once per round, before paying the cost to play an upgrade, the player can choose to replace an upgrade that is already on the chosen character. The cost to play the new upgrade is decreased by the cost of the old upgrade, and the old upgrade is discarded when the new one comes into play. If the old upgrade costs equal to or more than the one replacing it, then the new upgrade is free.

Snortado 56

Yep, that's how overwriting works

Question & Answer contradicts that

Snortado 56

For those interested, based on feedback from forum:

"You have to be able to play the upgrade. If there is a unique upgrade on table you cannot play the other"

"You are playing the upgrade first and then discarding the one to receive the discount. You have to play it first, which you cannot because you already have one in play and it is unique."

Raspujuan 365

You can't overwrite a unique upgrade with a copy of itself. This is first answer.

And the second one: you need to declare the overwrite, discount the value of the first upgrade and then substitute the first goes to discard, this is the correct steps.

Snortado 56

Second statement is just explaining how the stack works. Playing an upgrade takes place before discarding the upgrade in play. This is why you can't overwrite a unique upgrade with a copy of itself since there would be 2 copies of the same unique upgrade in play.


Regardless of the rules, I like the deck. it looks cool to play but it seems hard to make. I have some decks of my own that I have all the cards for, just look up codename TOMBSTONE and mine are on there, I think you might like the mace, obi-wan deck, thanks for checking if you do.

Lordboba 26

Thanks everyone! I will be sure to make more decks as of this ones success I have a channel that which I'm converting in to star wars destiny content soon. I will be sure to show you how to use it my name is jimbroski plays. Thank you for all of the advice! I was not expecting to be front of swdestiny lol.

General Vatutin 26


Please, please STOP Napoleon Dynamite. There comes a point when you just have to exit the stage. Cue the music and someone quickly grab the hook. Anyway, when you say, “Anyway” you don’t get the final word regardless if you are coughing a lung full of hog shit or happen to be the pig who found his first truffle after many years of meandering about in the woods smelling nothing but his flea collar. Yes, we now expect you to blame it on the flea collar. Ok, we got it.

General Vatutin 26


I would suggest considering Upper Hand, Sound the Alarm, Way of the Light, and/or maybe Beguile as stuff to play around with. Just spitballing, but I think 10 upgrades is enough. Also, if you are going to lose a few of those powerful yellow removal when Zeb goes down, having beguile(s) might be a nice Insurance policy. To help with ramp I would maybe consider x2 Yoda LS just to increase your odds of getting one early—not sure what to swap. “A lot of people are saying...”

Hey, just so you know...wink, wink, you can’t slap a Yoda LS over a Yoda LS unless it is turn 3, you had the battlefield last (this “had” part gets really interesting), and you were the last one to take a leak. It does get confusing if you both took a break to piss. See picture on page 7. Anyway, the Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring will tell you it would not be worth overwriting anyways.