Milton Keynes UK Prime Winner Hot Kallus Ugly Wasps

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Esély: 0% – 0% tovább
LVO Kallus Snoke Hate (Top 8 Day 1 drop) - Artificery's Elra 4 4 1 1.0
Kallus / Snoke 0 0 0 1.0
Powerful Leaders-Order 66 0 1 0 1.0
eSnoke/eKallus/Order66 0 0 0 1.0

Zhil 383

Deck was originally created by Elrathion who piloted his Kallus/Snoke to LVO Day 2 but had to drop due to a mistake from combining Theed Palace & Order 66 from the Restricted List.

Easily missed and IMO didn't lead to his victories and not the intent to stop on the list anyway.

I saw his list (which differs from this), grabbed as many cards as possible to construct the deck at the Prime itself. I had intended to use Yoda/Bail on the journey towards the event but my good friend Tim convinced me to use this instead.

Like Elrathion, I had put Theed in at first but Kayne picked up on it for the first round before die rolls, I was allowed to swap the BF and suffer a warning as a result.

The deck performed excellently, leading to top of Swiss at 6-0 and then winning the entire event undefeated.

I'd edit some cards in hindsight, but it's down to personal taste.

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elrathion 704

Good job man!

You made it happen. The list is very very similar to mine. I bet people didn't like sitting in front of you ;)

Platform327 51

Ruthless deck! Nice win!

Zhil 383

@elrathion Thanks. Edited to tag your deck in the derived from as you've posted now.

I didn't have access to 6 Executes as I couldn't find all mine and I didn't pack the Act of Betrayal.

ScruffyLookingDiceRollers 184

Congrats Zhil! 25 events is ridiculous but I guess it must just starve and frustrate the opponent! Well done on your second prime win!