Best Friends For Life

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Chimaera 246

When I first saw Conan Motti - Overconfident Officer I thought mill just like everyone else! But you know he makes an invaluable partner for DJ!! Mix is awesome ability to remove dice, cripple the hand and now deal damage and he's epic!! Throw in the 3x Grand Moff to Mean Streets - Correlia and this guy turns DJ into a power house!!!

Give it a shot!!

Cheers Chimaera!

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Sabn512 74

No Desperate Measures?

Chimaera 246

@Sabn512trust me it was a large consideration and might be worth some testing but I figured Id do more damage removing the support dice then DM'ing it with my limited health pool! Also with the Delve Vader's Fist combo dead didnt know if it was essential!

Skreye 26

Love me some DJ - Treacherous Rogue, and Conan makes a good partner. Nice interaction between Grand Moff and Mean Streets - Correlia. I hope you've used You Are In Command Now to make DJ the Grand Moff. : )