Bib 4 Vader

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Theebestwar1 137


Starting Hand:
Truce, Way of the Force, For a Price, Forsaken, A Tale of Tragedy.

Truce into Way of the force for a elite Vader to start! Activate bib roll specials (roll in Vader's two dice) use em' activate Vader (roll in his 2 dice) use em' claim, repeat ti'll you win with 4 Vader dice! easy, right?

What happens if Vader dies too quick?
Pulse Cannon, Vader's Fist/Delve, and Vibrocutlass need to have a word with you.

Have any ideas or any reasons why I totally SHOULDN'T take this to a prime, please tell me and tell me fast....

4 hozzászólás

Fromper 130

Have you actually tried it out? It seems like you'll be short on money to pay for all those 3 costers, not to mention the 5 cost stuff.

Theebestwar1 137

@Fromper I have tried it out and yea, money is a bit of a problem. I changed my version of the deck after a few games when I realized that you just don't get money for cards and to pay for Vader's 4 side or the Pulse Cannon. I will update the list with the cheaper (better) version of the deck soon.

DarthJarJar66 13

Palpatine Bib is really fun too

Theebestwar1 137

@DarthJarJar66 That does sound fun.