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nerf_shepherd 37

Been playing Padme/Boushh a lot but wanted to try her in a support deck.

The main idea here is to have two heavy vehicles out in turn one by focusing character and ship dice to resources. Padme’s Ship and Pirate Speeder should be possible most of the time unless your dice get removed. If you get really lucky you might even get out the Falcon. The deck has a lot of options on what to pull. Conventional wisdom in Padme/AR decks is to always pull her ship, but I think you’re better off mulliganing for it and using AR for a more expensive (resource and $) card. Of course if you don’t pull it you’ll want to AR for it.

Knives will be out for Padme, so keep her alive. You may be able to pull off a stunt with Clawdite and Lightspeed Assault but don’t plan around it too much.

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