The OG Sabine - (3rd Place/Top 4, 9-3, San Diego Regionals)

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Solo Sabine - 1st Place (20-person Store Champ) 64 49 30 1.0
Solo Sabine 2nd Place ETX Galactic Qualifier 1 1 0 1.0

MonksGamingBattlefield 381

Much credit comes from @RebelSpy, Mike, for his first creation back in July last year! Great to meet you and can't wait for more in the future for you and us collaborating!

First off, I want to thank At Ease Games, and the TO, Jim, on everything they did to support the San Diego, CA Regional! It was nuts since they staffed so much on the same day but everyone I spoke to had a blast and they made it possible for two streams of the event to be possible. Also, the TO had many challenges this event and appreciate it, full-heartedly! So again, thank you!

Secondly, huge shoutout to my below opponents! Each match was different so many ways and so damn close too! You all made the event so much more enjoyable and I thank you for that. Not one game was too serious but, tbh, I was freaking out each match! haha! Thank you all and hope to play with you all again @ Game Kastle in Mountain View, CA!

Lastly, thank you to everyone that came up to me, gave kind words, supported me, the YT/Twitch channel (Monks Gaming Battlefield), and just overall everything and everyone who made to the venue. I had such an enjoyable time and looked like everyone else did too. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and hope to see you on the stream or at the next Regional very soon!

--------------------------Discussion and Match-ups-------------------------

Why Sabine? Because I love off-the-wall unknowns or surprise factors each time i go to a big event. This was my first Regional and wanted to take people for a spin, either going out with a Blaze of Glory or just doing what I just did yesterday. But besides those facts that you don't care about, haha, it was about being faster and able to deal with all of the melee sides of Vader, the known "META" call, at a moments notice. Being able to do In The Crosshairs and Easy Pickings turn one, with only 2 resources is epic. Not to mention, turn one Tenacity play after they spend all their resources on getting Darth Vader's Lightsaber out turn one. Now you have a free turn to ramp out Infamous or Streetwise. For mill, I WANT YOU TO MILL ME! Please mill my hand or top deck for those weapons I now don't have to take a turn to discard to do the Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert ability. That summed up my reasoning for the deck... :D


R1: W - Tim (eQui-Gon2/eYoda)

R2: W - Ray (eYoda/Gungan/L33t)

R3: W - Ralph |Corwin, from Roll On Podcast's Dad| (eHan3/eQi'Ra)

R4: L - Daniel (eSnoke/Ciena/Traitor)

R5: W - Alex (eVader/Greedo)

R6: W - Brandon (eLeia2/Lando2)

R7: W - Joey (eHan3/eQi'Ra)

-----TOP CUT (2 out of 3)----

R8: WW - Randy (eVader/Greedo)

R9: WLL -Jeff - (eHan3/Yoda)

Incredible players, people, experience and can't wait to see what the next Regional has in store. Hope you like the breakdown, I can add more in depth to the matches but wanted to get this out :D Thanks for everything and catch you guys next time on the Battlefield!

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MaimVoorhees 93

I really hope she gets a reprint. I love this card! Nice list and congrats!

Aorakis 4

Always liked Sabine, maybe not when she was "looping" the sh*t out of the meta with that stupid Running Interference combo, but coz i found her funny and the artwork make justice to her character wich i like in the show !

Just one quick quesiton, How good is that Thermal Detonator in the deck ? Is that card there just for those "multiple characters decks ?"

Also, how were those Scruffy and Persuade ? Did you made any good use of those or would you replace them with something else ?

Cheers and congrats for the results !

chinovalley 316

Great run Monk, wish we could have had a match during the tournament. Congrats on your to 4.

chinovalley 316

*top 4

Leddon75 152

Ballzy I like it :) congratz

MonksGamingBattlefield 381

@MaimVoorhees Thanks man!

@Aorakis Thanks and I did the same, love her as a character. But Thermal was there for exactly that, multiple characters, just in case.. haha Scruffy was there for vaders saber, drop ins, fist, hyperspace, etc. haha, persuade is for vader tech. :D I made great use of both cards!

@chinovalley Thanks!

@Leddon75 Thanks man!

ElderMason 63

Why didn't you play Running Interference?

MarcellvsMagnvs 1

@MonksGamingBattlefield congrats on your run ;) I’m considering some deck like this with some minor changes: Swap -1 heavy blaster for +1 holdout blaster & -1 Persuade for +1 hasty exit I’d like to find a spot for the EMP grenades, because of the usual Shadowcaster abuse, but not sure if it’d be enough... any advice against a vehicle heavy meta?

MonksGamingBattlefield 381

Heyo @MarcellvsMagnvs! Heavy Blaster is great for die removal against the vehicle decks. They have to remove one of the die. And persuade is for the Vader decks making them turn their die to a blank rather than removing because of Vaders power action. Reversal is OP vs Shadowcaster throwing their 6 back at them is horrible haha. No emp grenades needed really.