UT Regional 3-3 Old Leia - Old Yoda

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Orffme 70

UTAH Regional January 5th 2019. Thanks to all the people I played. It was fun to be a part of the first Regional in Utah. The prize support at the store was amazing. Everybody left with something. 2 packs per player minimum, at 16th it went to 4 packs per, then at 8 it was 8 packs per, then 1st place got a booster box. All Across the Galaxy. The organizer also raffled prizes to people and gave the bottom 4 players (all new players) play-mats from his personal collection as well as a ton of cards and dice. There were also some cool unique promo cards, and of course the ffg prize support too. The store owner of Paragon City Games also gave everyone 10% off during the event.

34 Players. 6 Rounds of swiss, then cut to top 8 with single elimination all the way to the end (the organizer made this call to accommodate the out of state players (Idaho and Colorado) and others who drove from further in state with snowy weather)

Game 1: VS ePiett/Tie Pilot/Guavian Enforcer/Double Down Plot (he had 5 tie fighters and 3 tech team). I milled all his vehicles, controlled his dice, and won pretty quick. WIN

Game 2: VS eTobias/eHondo. SUPER close game! He had Fast Hands and X-8s on both characters and was completely out of cards and was able to barely kill my guys. I couldn't stop his last few damage. So close, great game! Thank you, Todd (I want to play that match up again). LOSS

Game 3: VS eVader/Cienna/Bitter Rivalry. He got a bunch of damage out and messed with my dice with The Best Defense, but didn't play versus mill very well, resolving his Vader shield sides for some reason and never using the Vader power action when I was messing with his dice. Game was over in 15-20 minutes. WIN

Game 4: VS eHan3/eQi'ra/No Allegiance. I got royally man handled in this one. I think he still had like 15 cards left when it ended. His most brutal play, if I had to just pick one, was when he played Double-CrossDouble Cross and resolved a Leia 2 Mill side against me when I had Commando Raid in my hand. Ok, I'm picking another crazy brutal move, he had 2 Han specials and had a hero and villain card in his hand. This one was rough. Good Job Dennis of Idaho, thanks for driving down to crush me. LOSS

Game 5: VS eYoda/eLeia3 - In which I did a special chain wrong. Close game, but he totally earned it, and I made a major mistake, which was embarrassing, and really messed with my chances to win this one. I had yoda showing 1 special and force speed on special. I used the first yoda die to turn the other to a special, then discarded the top of his deck, then I used my force speed to activate Leia, and do something else (resolve a focus?), then I wanted to go back and use my other yoda die special as part of the epic 3 die special chain and I was told I cannot keep resolving specials after doing force speed since I did other actions and that broke the chain. Ouch. I misunderstood and thought those actions were contained inside of the force speed resolution and therefore I could keep going with specials after that. Major bummer and embarrassing that I didn't know that. He had the light bow on each character and was raining the damage. I didn't use force illusion to stop 2 melee and wanted to use it to stop backup muscle, and learned that force illusion cannot stop backup muscle and lost the game... I really should have already known both of those things. I made some play mistakes and misunderstood some key rules, and the close game got away from me. I think he had one or two cards in hand and none in deck at this point (Zack, correct me if I'm wrong). LOSS

Game 6: VS 1 die Grand Inquisitor and 1 die Kylo2 (no plot (Fairly new player)). Fast win, he was new. We chatted about the rules and the game and how long his has been in. I helped him with some rules and reminded him when he forgot things, even when they hurt me. WIN

I got 20th out of 34 players with a 3-3 record for the day. However, the person above me in 19th was a 2-4, so I think something got reported wrong...

Let me know if you read the whole thing, I'm super curious if people actually read through. Also please comment on the rulings that I messed up on if you have anything to add. Overall, I am proud of my deck, I think I made a good Meta call, as similar decks crushed it this weekend elsewhere. Looking at the VA winner though, makes me wish those card differences between our decks, would not have wound up on the cutting room floor. I definitely toyed with Dex's Diner, Field Medic, Mind Trick, Motivate, and Strike Briefing. Motivate would have really helped with hand elimination. I can't believe he didn't use hit and run, but I think I'm the one missing something when I compare the two.

Thanks for reading!

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whozeppelin224 15

Well done on 3-3 in your first regional, that’s something to be happy with! As far as the rulings you messed up on, that’s just something you’ll have to look back on as a learning experience (as is the whole regional). Remember it moving forward and that’ll make a big difference.

In regards to your deck v. the VA winner (whom I know and have played against quite a few times) study his deck and try to figure out why he made the choices that he did in his deck. You mentioned Hit and Run—I can see why you’d be interested in that card (activate and resolve Leia’s dice without mitigation) but mill decks don’t usually work fast in that sense of the term. You, in some ways, want your opponent to try and mess with your dice because that’s one less card in their hand you have to worry about and one less card they have available. Hope that was helpful and good luck moving forward!

Lord_Moldywart 1

Dang I’m down here in Spanish Fork Utah. Sounds like y’all had a lot of fun. And I definitely woulda got me ‘well, at least you tried’ gamemat, lol. I totally should have went.

Orffme 70

``@Lord_Moldywart Come next year! Let's get 64 plus next time!

Orffme 70

@whozeppelin224Thank you! Maybe some more hard mitigation would have helped me. The force speed special chain mistake was a really good I'll-never-do-that-again moment.

Orffme 70

From Reddit about this deck:


I don’t really think Strategic Planning is worth it. You don’t have any supports that can be readied and getting rid of your opponents supports is so much better than exhausting them. Another Flames of the Past or EMP grenades might be worth its slot. (I like FotP better personally because you’re bound to run into a bunch of people with Vader’s Fist x2)

Krait Dragon Howl is a wonderful card for interesting choices but in competitive play it sort of falls flat. I’d take another Overconfidence instead.

Force Jump x2 is a must against this Vader-heavy meta.

I agree with Blank_whoomp about Bewilder and I’d also like to know how it played for you.

I just ran Leia2/Lando2 mill in Dallas 4-3 so take everything I have to say with with a grain of salt.


I had really good success in buying time with strategic planning in testing against vehicles. I was also thinking of Vader's Fist for that one. I think you are right on FOTP and EMP grenade. The grenade was great for messing with people's money. Krayt Dragon was weak for sure. I should have included better mitigation instead of that one. Bewilder got rid of a couple bits of damage for free, but it also wasted a turn and left the damage there... or switched to a special that was hurtful to me as well. I will probably remove it going forward, or just keep one and play it when my peeps are totally shielded up. Weirdly, I did not really use force meditation, and still milled people fast.

Orffme 70

More from the reddits


I’d check out some of the Leia Yoda decks that have had success previously. I can’t pinpoint anything but it does seem a bit off.

I don’t think people were play 3PO so I could be wrong but I would want 3P0 if I was playing 2 commando raid to keep it live late game to finish.


3PO was definitely a runner up to add.


Force jump


Yeah, that would have been nice to chain with yoda


My first regional. Tons of fun.


Congrats, glad you had a good time.

Sell me on Bewilder. Did you play it a ton? I understand it can be 0-cost mitigation with an upside if it whiffs but it just seems like a "win more" gamble. Either you're willing to take it because you're so far ahead on HP that you can eat the damage, or you aren't and it's pitch to reroll fodder.

I've seen some talk about it but it just seems super risky, feel like I'd prefer to just stack more actual mitigation in the deck. So how'd it play?


Bewilder was good a couple times, but worthless others. I like that it is zero cost, but I should have included better mitigation.

Orffme 70

In retrospect, I think I would remove krayt dragon, bewilder x2, and strategic planning and I would add: 2x force jump and 2x motivate. Strategic planning did test well in buying time. I could also do another flames of the past...

If you read this and have placed higher than 3-3 in a 2019 regional with a very similar deck, please comment with your personal deck tech ideas and inspiration because I would love to hear them!