Zeb Yoda 7-0 Cantina Brawl Classic

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Hudsoncar 45

This is the deck I won the Cantina Brawl Classic with on May 12, 2018. It was a 19 person event with 5 rounds of swiss and a cut to top 4. I went 5-0 in swiss, 2-1 in each of the top cut games. The All In plays are brutal.

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Martään 65

I played same pair few weeks ago. Ran 3-1 with little fewer legendaries.

Instead All In, I had Impulsive. It has 0-cost and a wider usage.

Also, I found Counter Strike to be nice source of unexpected damage for Zeb decks. Deck itself would need little more ranged sides of cource.

YOUR Destiny Podcast 2072

@Martään Really like the idea of Counter Strike in the deck.

@Hudsoncar Congrats on the great result!

ruce 90

counterstrike on the vibro knife is ^^

SirKriS 14

Usually in my deck construction I have one card that is a long shot: big risk, big reward; with this deck I will throw in Master of the Council. If you draw it into your hand at the start and roll a special on yoda, you can get it out first round. With yoda's money potential each round, you can have zeb (or yoda) roll out twice per round. I would rank that as strong to very strong.

Hudsoncar 45

@Martään I did try it with impulsive and all ins, but getting off at least one major all in play a game guaranteed a dead character, while impulsive was good for quick bursts. Counter strike sounds like a great flex card instead of synchronicity!

@YOUR Destiny Podcast Thanks! I really enjoy yalls podcast and I’m super happy for Mads and the team doing so well at worlds.

@SirKriS I could see master working very well. I would usually keep a second 2 cost upgrade in my starting hand knowing there could be those extra resources from yoda which is a very powerful start. I’ll definitely test out master of the council!