Aayla likes big swords and hondo should have one

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Aayla likes big swords and hondo should have one 0 0 1 2.0

Ragnus Ren 16

First things first I get it Aayla can’t turn hondos dice but that’s ok you roll really well. goal is to get vibrosword/vibrocutlass on hondo first turn. maz vault should ensure you can use your high cost card events and if you control the battlefield then you got some ambush madness. some crazy combos in this deck and you’ve got the r2 so you can chain special one of hondos.

call me crazy but this could be pretty good I think...

might switch out master of the council we will see

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Ramin2-D2 543

i dislike Maz Vault because that forsure allows the opponent to pay for Hondo ability.

Ragnus Ren 16

Hondo is typically the first targeted and maz’s vault and hondo assure you can use your super expensive events like decisive blow. Once they can pay for all of hondos specials you won’t have a problem doing damage.

rkik 747

Why vibrosword instead of Heirloom Lightsaber, or even Lightsaber (for special chains)

truth123 311

yes i agree. you should exchange the vibrosword for lightsaber or heirloom.

Ragnus Ren 16

Lightsaber in place of vibrosword is a good idea. I also switched out ancients for Rey’s because redeploy and a shield without discarding. I don’t use heirlooms because they only have redeploy on blue characters and you want hondo to die first.

Ragnus Ren 16

I’m not sure how to update the version but I also removed one easy pickings because you have to spot a yellow character and hondo can die second round to good decks.