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cjnj193 251

Baze Malbus - Crack Shot doesn’t get the respect he deserves. He gets 3 big damage sides and with all of the 3 character decks his special is slightly less depressing.

Big concern for the deck is generation. The deck really needs that extra buck from the battlefield to work well. The main issue is there are just too many paysides that this deck wants to resolve. Energy Slingshot is good right now just because it has the two normal sides, which no other die in the deck, or in hero in general, has. Looking to try Maz's Vault next to see if that helps, but it won’t help the turn 1 play.

Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen is pretty interesting tbh. Baze gets consistent enough damage that you really don’t need her, but having the pretty good chance for 2-3 damage is usually welcome. Outside of that nobody else in hero can really compare to her, since you get pretty important cards like Easy Pickings active.

A couple card choices: Light 'Em Up is a bad card but it’s so swingy when you can pull it off. With every die being 50/50 minimum the greed is pretty real

No X-8 Night Sniper because I need the 1 drops and redeploy with holdout is way to important.

The battlefield removal suite is in just because the dice are pretty consistent, either your opponent removes your damage or you punch people in the teeth.

In addition to Maz’s vault, I’ve also been messing with running Running Interference. It makes Quick Draw one of the best cards in the deck but I would need to tweak some of the events.

Not sure if I mentioned it yet but baze can do some damage. I would def recommend trying him out

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