The New Meta: I'll Have the Quinlan Special, Please

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emersonpi 68

Guide coming soon!

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GenghisDon 99

very cool concept

Nexashe 45

you should add a mauls/kylo ren light saber for psychometry -- it doesn't have to be an opponents dice and you dont have to remove it....

kajamgroot 7

Have you thought about eJabba instead of Bib? His extra discards, health and focus might work a little more imo. Super cool idea!

John Solo 1

Seems like this deck would benefit from Use the Force and Feel the Force

Nexashe 45

I love the idea, the problem i see is that without Quinlan there is no plan b

KingD21 2

Still like this deck better with Jabba -- as plan B could easily be mill. Jabba + Fast Hands + Blackmail seems like profit for Quinlan. You'll probably run into a consistency problem, but there's no doubt it's a fun deck.

Nexashe 45

Then you have missed the point of Bib -- the idea is upto 4 quinlan specials a round.. with only 5 cards thats 20 dmg.....

Nexashe 45

sorry 6 quinlan specials with command shuttles, needs more discard sides to maximize? Or Lure of power to maximise any you get?

Toeko 72

What about Ancient Wisdom

emersonpi 68

@kajamgroot``@KingD21I agree that Jabba would probably be better due to discard sides, but I just enjoyed the idea of getting to resolve Quinlan's special up to 8 times too much to use him.

emersonpi 68

@Nexashe Don't forget Cunning for 2 more specials! Lure of Power was something I did consider to bump up the focus sides. Also, didn't think of using Maul's Saber to draw more cards, that's a pretty good idea.

emersonpi 68

@Toeko I actually forgot about that card -- probably something I could throw in, possibly removing Emperor's Favor (feels unnecessary for how this deck is constructed) and Endurance.

WGHunter 7

You definitely want to stick with Bib, the Profitable Connections first turn Psychometry is just too strong.

AnotherWitch 46

Hmmm, seems like the only problem could be if you don't draw Psychometry early enough. Have you considered Investigate?

Nexashe 45

I dont like that card -- it only really gives you 1 extra card (you loose the card itself) and takes up valuable space in a deck for 1 more card...i think there's the potential to discard your opponents cards more consistently, thermal detonator and interragtion droid spring to mind, i personally love to use thermal as a discard card cos it just scares the pants off ppl!

vagrantlest 7

Love the concept, might try my hand on my own version.

Jay_Gnarles 13

A card you should consider is Maul’s Lightsaber.

As a weapon die, it can feed psychometry really well. It’s not like you are killing people once quinlon dies anyway. :)

RebelTraitor 97

Ever thought of dark advisor?

Vondoom13 1

I am your Father works very well with Quinlan as well.

Veldryn 2

Is the Houndstooth there for money? Everything else is about card generation or removal.I'm trying to find it's place.

ajscherer 54

One thing I'm wondering through all these comments is: does this actually work?

I played a ton of eQuinlan/eJabba in the EaW meta, and I always had much better results going pure discard/mill (with Quinlan a disarm/salvage stand/extra discard guy) than when I built around Quinlan's special. I couldn't consistently get his special sides showing while I had a card advantage big enough to make it worthwhile.

That said there are some significant differences in this deck, and I hope to hear it kicks ass. Have you tried Sith Holocron with this yet? You already have 2 abilities, and Force Focus for special chaining and Mind Probe to discourage your opponent from holding cards could have potential.

truth123 305

you should also try out a version with crime lord in it as well because then if quinlin vos dies super fast then you have a plan b

CushionRide 65

i was running thru the deck in my head and about psychomitry, you need to use it with equipment for its special right? you only have chance cube, now i saw peeps said to use mauls lightsaber, while that is a good choice, its also expensive, for a more budget player like myself use something not unique, lighsaber pike has a 4side, also the grand inquisitor's lightsaber has a couple of decent sides with good numbers to use. and once again its cheaper. you do need a couple more equipment that would make psychomitry work more. i could see not getting chance cube out soon enough and Psy would just sit there for me.

CushionRide 65

ill just add, after analyzing the lightsabers available. even though mauls saber is great my pick would be fitting in 2 crafted lightsabers, yes they can only be attached to exhausted characters, but they have 2 resource sides that work better with bait and switch, which means youll be able to get that 3 melee side more for use with Psychom. and its easier to get. if also used the random card draw on this page with your deck, and ive only gotten both chance cube and psycom like twice out of 10 tries and thats after figuring a mulligan. you definately need other equip for psychom.

quixote 88

I made something similar to this deck. The issue I have with this build is you have no way to make them discard. When I played I have the package of Sith Holocron and Mind Probe, Force Push. Holocron helps you get out those dice which have 2 discards sides. Add Meditate and Manipulate and now you can manipulate your dice to sides showing specials. This works really well with Chance Cube and Dark Counsel who have many blank sides.

quixote 88

Hah, but now that I look closer, you are just relying on drawing up your hand very high to get the difference, not discarding.

quixote 88

I'm going to try it this way: