Mace/Temple Guard

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Fathoym 27

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banghasa 1

Force speed would be more useful than Coordination I think.

SSjedi 1

I'm waiting for someone to work really well with Mace; he doesn't have a great deck yet. This had me excited when legacies came out but I think Padawan is slightly better still. That being said, this looks fun. I agreed with the above statement; force speed definitely, if you have it. You built it around having lots of shields but I doubt you'll end up with enough to make riposte and ataru strike a good idea. I'd try for some more mitigation in their place like hidden motives. If you want to get crazy throw in OWTF to put on the guard. Mace with focus is scary.

Lopsinho 1

where is caution? destiny? where are you gonna get shields for riposte?

Fathoym 27

Thanks for the feedback peeps. A lot of the feedback is pretty relevant, but I don't own Force Speed. Caution is probably a pretty good call, but I don't find the deck to really struggle with generating shields.

I usually hard mulligan for a Shoto sabre and get that on the Temple Guard as quickly as possible. The Shotos trigger after Guardian, which allows him to stay shielding up while removing damage dice.

I don't think Destiny is a particularly strong card in this deck as I rarely have the dice available to remove. Coordination provides ample focus to get Mace's dice to their 4/1 side late in the turn, and I'm often spending resources on him or events that I wouldn't have the money for OWTF (I rarely play Master of the Council as it is).

I played the deck with Padawan for a while, but feel the Temple Guard really helps keep Mace alive. With the Padawan build she generally goes down pretty quickly after Mace, whereas the Temple Guard can often close out a game once the weapons have been redeployed. Coordination is also a very good overwrite target once Mace goes down.

Also, Defiance with Mace is hilarious. I've hit his 4/1 side multiple times with it.