Battle Droid Support Deck

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A Battle Droid deck that focus on support cards, since the droids don’t stay alive long enough for upgrades to be useful. Support cards also work best, when the game is stalled out, which hopefully will happen due to the total HP of 30.

The main combo of the deck is the Imperial Backing which allow a net discount of 3 resources if all the Battle Droids are alive. This allow the deck to get out a LR1K Sonic Cannon in the first turn of the game.

The Battle Droids don’t have a side, this makes it hard to get out those supports without the Imperial Backing, this is the reason cards such as Drudge Work, Aftermath and Remote Stockpile are included, though I am a bit unsure how good the Remote Stockpile really is.

The main die-support cards of the deck are Ground BattalionLookout Post and LR1K Sonic Cannon. The ability of LR1K Sonic Cannon to ignore the resource cost of its die by exhausting one of the Battle Droids is really strong, so is the ability of the Ground Battalion to gain control of the battlefield after the opponent have claimed it. The two other die-support cards are somewhat less effective, I suggest replacing the AT-DP (or Separatist Landing Craft ) for Fang Fighter if you have access to the Rivals set. The  Separatist Landing Craft is thematic, but its efficiency is questionable, but since the deck only has access to red and gray cards, the amount of die-support cards to replace it with is limited, and I think the AT-ST cost too much.

Aftermath and Attrition are really strong cards in this deck, since the deck has so many characters.

The events in this deck mainly focus on die removal (Doubt, Flank and Outnumber). The other 3 events are somewhat self explanatory, Partnership allows the deck to be a bit faster, Battle Formation is strong since so many of the dice have 2 sides, so a reroll, an opponent can’t respond to is nice,Imperial Backing can give you massive reduction for your supports, and the ambush is also really nice bonus.

The battlefield is Starship Graveyard - Jakku. This battlefield allow the die-support cards to be discarded for rerolls in the early turns, when they can’t be played. Didn’t pick Docking Bay - Finalizer since it’s strong with decks that have Honor Guard, and doesn't do much for our deck since we want to cast our big supports with Imperial Backing.

Though the deck has 5 characters, it’s not slow in the early turns, since the Battle Droids ability can activate other Battle Droids. The speed of the deck will slow down a bit, when the die-support cards have been played, but at that time the claim effect is not as important for you anymore.


PS: This deck is not meant to be competitive, so don’t get angry if your win-rate with this deck is low.

PPS: My main language is not English, so I apologize for any grammar mistakes or misspellings.

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