Pulp Mace

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chinovalley 273

Mace Windu, the baddest blue hero in the game. Pulp Mace, with his sidekick (yes John Travolta is a Rodian, everyone knows that), is ready to slam the briefcase closed and bring offenders some righteous retribution!

This deck has a balanced mitigation set that is effective against both melee and ranged based decks. It's particularly aggressive versus big character decks like Vader, Palpatine, Sabine, Han, Grievous, etc. The key is to be prepared to use the mitigation as needed, building resources/upgrades and using all the removal tools for survival until the big hits can be set up--and they usually come early unless the opponent plays heavy mitigation in return, and then it's an attrition game with both characters (once Hired Gun gets a couple ranged upgrades on him, especially DL-44) dealing strong damage, or teaming up for a surprise Planned Explosion.

Control the opponent, work the dice for strong hits, play patiently and use mitigation to optimal effect. Discipline.

Say "Senate" again, M....F....!

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Davclarke 34

Check out double blanks youtube podcast, they have an alt image mace with pulp fiction image perfect for this deck

chinovalley 273

Thanks--I already have one that a friend made, Epic Jules from Pulp Fiction but in his righteous fury pose but instead of holding a gun he's holding a lightsaber. Pretty sweet. :)

DarthRoman 129

I would highly recommend Long Con and Hidden Agenda for this deck to save resources

chinovalley 273

I considered both but went with the Chance Cube instead. It not only gains resources but can help fuel the Planned Explosions. Long Con is intriguing but you have to draw both to get the 3 resources. Hidden Agenda is good but all my events, except for Dodge, cost 0 or 1.

chinovalley 273

Also, don't forget that Destiny can be used to play any card--not just blue ones. I've had games where I used Destiny to play Dodge or Deflect or Electroshock....whatever I need at that moment. Between Chance Cube and Destiny I usually don't have a problem playing an event or upgrade when I need it.

SSjedi 1

Dude:. Love your deck. I switched up a few things but it's really fun. My big change was maz's goggles over the Chance Cube. Thanks for sharing!

chinovalley 273

Thank, appreciate it. Maz's Goggles are excellent, no argument here. Not a big number for PE but it helps drive the rest of the deck and gain some consistency. I've run variants with 1 cube and 1 goggles, so good call there. :)

cadester 31

Never even thought of Hired Gun as a partner for Mace. This seems like a pretty fun deck. I may have to give it a shot. Planned Explosion is one of my favorite cards!

chinovalley 273

Character dice alone can reach a value of 11 on rollout, with an upgrade or two it's not hard to get a value of 10--if the opponent let's you keep it long enough or you can get a Force Speed special, PE is a real tool in the deck instead of a "fluff" card that you wish you could play but never have enough dice value to use it.