Mace with a new friend

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Davclarke 31

Here's my take on the Mace Deck,

I like the extra health and 33% chance dice fixing from the instructor instead of the padawan's resource economy ability. The key here is chance cube into resources or claim to resolve Mace's big damage (preferably modified with a saber or vibro knife).

Any bestow / expensive upgrade shenanigans have been swapped out for mitigation and straight damage from mace with less resources.

first card I'd take out would probably be one of the my ally is the force for more mitigation, but even though its 2 cost it can be clutch with a mace die sometimes.

This is another character combo I don't think has been posted, but give it a try and let me know how you think it stacks up to Mace padawan / Mace Maz

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