Poe Rey Stage 2

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TheHyperloops 3030

This a budget decklist made with cards from the 2 player starter, past set commons, uncommons, cheap rares and no legendary cards. It is featured in the article How to be be a Starter Deck Hero: Budget for New Players

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Leddon75 139

Love it, and i m pretty sure it can perform good. The mix of gray, red and blue is nice against Kylo2 ability. I m just not fan with multiple unique cards. I d play something nearly same with -1 Poe blaster -1 Rey blister -1 C-3Po

  • 1 force throw
  • 1 Makashi
  • 1 force training Flanks are fine with all these droids. Special on R2D2 giving 3 focuses on a Poe focus is strong, can put all dies to special and being able to resolve them is fun At last,i d try maybe to find à room for guard or force misdirection for more control. Starter 2p still didnt arrived in my country. I ll give better feedback after practice ; )

badeesh 56

This is excellent. Have my like!

TheHyperloops 3030

@Leddon75The uniqueness is tough but you can overcome that by just using them as rerolls or overwriting. 3 is a lot so maybe Poe's gun or c-3po but I really like reys saber especially since you can overwrite it with the regular one and vice versa.

Aorakis 4

Nice little cheap list.

As Leddon said, i would make some room for some other stuff, like :

-2 flank (not going to be usefull that much) -1 Rey's lightsaber -1 Poe Blaster -1 C3Po -1 Riposte

And bring stuff like :

2 DH17 (nor holdout blasters) (For some more POEnchyness) 2 Defensive Position (replacing those flanks) 2 Promotion (cost 1, boost +1 poe nor rey's damage, and make you draw faster into your deck, then you can overlay some sabers on it - then it got an other focus to get the Poe focus and so on..)

Sweet little list to learn the game !

Cheers from Belgium

Gigaman87 1

Would like to see a stage 3 of these decks.

TheHyperloops 3030

@Gigaman87I went 3 and 1 at my store with this list changing the battlefield to Secret Facility. Rey's better than I thought she would be and hit and run into All In still does work.

Gigaman87 1

I'm going to try this list tonight casually

TheHyperloops 3030

@Gigaman87if you wanted a more fully powered vesion I'd probably want 2 force speed. I also want to fit in Rend since it deals with inspection which is a tough card for this deck. Droids and flanks are the cards on the chopping block. I'd also want to investigate a Lightsaber Pull package where I could get a 2 cost upgrade.

Gigaman87 1

@TheHyperloops good ideas. I was also considering a Lightsaber Pull package. I had a friend playtesting Fearless. And I thought it would be great with Rey. I do believe that if it is attached to her, and she is activated, then you can decide to trigger the shield and the draw first, and then trigger her ability to deal a point of damage.