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Chuftbot 327

destiny is simple physics

I ventured into the cold expanse of space to represent Earth Prime in the intergalactic championship. After making the cut (breaking SoS via 4D underwater Hungry Hungry Unkars) and winning, I decided to share the deck that singlehandedly shattered any chance of us becoming allies with extraterrestrials.

Please use with caution.


Bowie 229

The Awakening support is so clutch here! It's exciting to see so much Chirrut freshness hitting so hard. I've tried mono blue Chirrut before and it's just never landed. I can't wait to try this out this weekend for SC!

rmohler 346

Seems like Tier 2 at best

Chuftbot 327

@rmohler The Intergalactic meta is the most advanced there is. Some of the players were using cards that aren't even out yet with polyhedral dice. Also they were all in Aurebesh.

Bowie 229

Dude, you can't win the intergalactic championship with Tier 2! This might even be God Tier.

Treefarmer 167

Chuftbot, for your crimes against your opponents at the Intergalactic Championship, you have been deemed a war criminal and are wanted by the Intergalactic Players Federation. Please turn yourself in.

Use of this deck is considered assault and will be punished accordingly.

Chuftbot 327

@Treefarmer The space cops have nothing on me. I'm out of their jurisdiction. Also none of the rules said you couldn't bring a gun.

rmohler 346

@Bowie Seems demi-god tier at best

Woodrow 33

12/10 would Chirrut again.

Gamerkid 52

What did you play against?

Chuftbot 327


Bowie 229

It's the answer to every meta deck I've seen it against.

Weak to Salvage Stand tho

Scactha 653

Funny, even trolls find gems. Chirrut is actually good.

Ro el pen 1

Would Force Speed help out? Stacking actions with Rey and throwing in a free Chirrut re-roll saves a card.

darinwalker 1

Deck is too slow and frustrating when it doesn't meld together.