Aurra Unchained / Revised

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ordinaryjedi 812

See this deck in action here:

Some history on this deck:

As some of you may or may not know, eAurra/Jango has been a little pet deck of mine since the release of SoR. The first iteration of this deck got a lot of coverage from members on here offering great feedback and even to the point where @Jmiahddixon from Double Blanks Gaming used a later version (albeit a bad experimental version) for one of his streams.

After about 14 versions and 100's of games with this deck, then tanking at a store champs with it, I retired it coming to the realisation that it could not compete in a meta where Fast Hands with, Poe Dameron - Ace Pilot/Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen and Darth Vader - Sith Lord was a thing. I moved on and worked on a Vader/Raider build for this store champs season to give me some hope of scoring a SC top 2 to get the Phasma.

Fast forward to a local tourney at my FLGS where i'm testing a Vader/Royal Guard deck where my second game was against a friend who has already won a store champs in the area and was now testing other decks. Funnily enough, he was testing a home brew eAurra Jango where he managed to swarm me with high damage from Aurra. This coupled with narrowly betting a SC winner in Sydney who was running eAurra FN-2199 got me thinking about Aurra in this post Fast Hands errata, where she can now be more competitive.

Deck Play

The strategy still remains the same. Protect Aurra. Load her up with Fast Hands and Armor Plating. I have also been shifting my gameplay style to playing what is in my dice pool rather than re-rolling for the damage I potentially might need.

Firing off an Armed to the Teeth just before Aurra goes down can cheat out 2-3 damage.

Sabotage is purely a meta call where we are now seeing an uprising in Funkars to deal with Imperial Inspection and/or Salvage Stand.

Prioritise dice mitigation over damage where possible, this will help prolong your characters who already have a poor health pool.

The key is to try and keep Aurra Sing - Deadly Shot alive as long as possible. This is two-fold: it allows Aurra to maximise her ability as well as give you time to load up Jango Fett - Lethal Mercenary.

Try not to throw your Armed to the Teeth unless its in the mulligan. I cannot tell you how many games I have actually won due to this card as a final blow after all dice have been resolved or mitigated.


Mulligan for cheap upgrades and mitigation. I like to see On The Hunt, Fast Hands & Armor Plating then some 0 cost events.

If you're playing anything Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer, i'd be looking for the Sabotage and not so much the Armor Plating.


No doubt this deck will change and if/when I have a Phasma SC card under my belt, I might revisit this combo again for future tourneys/SC.


Dave Sharona 611

I saw the first version of this that you posted and loved the idea. Actually put one together early this week and after a couple play tests really enjoy it! I have a lot more mitigation and less upgrades in mine. Hunker Down is one of my favorite cards in my Phasma list, but in this one I'd be worried it would slow down play too much as the initiative is super important with Aurra.

Regardless, thanks for the awesome idea with this deck and I hope this version does great for you!

ordinaryjedi 812

The only issue with this deck is the junk x1 die Jango Fett - Lethal Mercenary. It's not very strong when Jango is the only character left on the board. If we could get an upgrade like Training for unique characters, i think it would make this deck a lot more solid. eAurra FN-2199 is a better/stronger version than this but this is still fun and great for local play or a casual tourney - i've actually won a local event with a version of this which ironically won me the Q2 Jango card.

Ta2d2 1

did you swap in go for the kill?

AeturnitasMalus 1

This deck needs infamous, in my opinion. Playing 2 removals together, ambushing upgrades into Aurra activations, etc. Infamous and fast hands are my two must-get mulligan targets.

Rhaplanca1001 1

I'm curious what you would do with this pairing (or even if you would) now that Empire at War is out.

ordinaryjedi 812

@Rhaplanca1001 I'm not sure what I would do, I've just started thinking about it but you know, Kylo Ren - Tormented One is a thing now and would wreck this. Maybe aurra ciena or aurra seventh sister for 4 die starts would help. I might look back into it. I've been too busy playing heroes and trying to make Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert work.

Rhaplanca1001 1

Sabine is super good, yes. My Sabine deck is a bit combo-wombo and probably not the best, but I'm enjoying it.

ordinaryjedi 812

@Rhaplanca1001 i like the idea of All In, maybe i'll try that.