Top 4 Dallas Store Championship (33 Players)

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zachbunn 290

I recently took a pretty bizzare deck to a 33 player Dallas Store Championship and finished 5-0 in Swiss! I lost in the top 4 to my brother Tim, who was using his Unkar + 9's deck.

Early on, this deck plays similar to a standard 9’s deck. You play weapons on 9’s and squeeze out as much value as you can. By the mid to late game, your opponent’s will start to see a big difference! Instead of a relatively weak Unkar remaining once 9’s is defeated, you have a threatening Knight of Ren.

The deck centers around a key concept, which is to get as much value out of it’s upgrades as possible. You get a lot of added value from redeploy, but even more fuel is added to the fire with Price of Failure and The Best Defense. Stacking upgrades on 9’s serves to mark him as your opponents primary target. As he gets closer and closer to defeat, playing The Price Of Failure or The Best Defense on 9’s to force an early redeploy and ready Kylo or remove two enemy dice can swing games. Because the deck nearly forces your opponent to attack 9’s first, this all but guarantees that your Stormtrooper will also be available for Price of Failure and The Best Defense.

The deck has several plays that create game ending turns, so keep your eyes open. Even when you don’t hit these game ending turns though, the deck tends to be ahead going into the late game. I find it common to either blow an opponent out or have a one on one situation with Kylo and one of their characters. Thanks to redeploy, this is usually a very advantageous position to find yourself in with a stack of powerful upgrades on Kylo.

All in all, I was very happy with this deck. Not only was it supremely fun, it was a very strong deck that can win when opponent least expects it. If you are tired of your current decks and are looking for a way to freshen things up before the release of Empire at War, I highly recommend looking at switching out your characters!

I wrote a bit more about the evolution of this deck on my blog!


maravitch 18

Hi Zach, I'm having success with a similar deck, but more control oriented. Got 3rd twice and 1st twice on our local store (8-10 players) using it during about a month. I even mention you at the comments. Check it out:

I got some questions: A) How do you deal with the resource scarcity? Many dices requires payment for resolving and I see you don't use many resource providers like logistics and imperial war machine. Are enrage and drudge work being enough? B) Do you apply the holocron to Kylo? Or another char like FN for free replacement for weapons? C) why force throw instead of force push?

Thanks! Nice deck!

zachbunn 290

@maravitch I don't really tend to have resource issues.

A.With the sheer number of dice that end up getting rolled, the deck does very well on resources. Enrage and Drudge have tended to be enough to get me the resources I need.

B. I usually put the Holocron on Kylo in the early to mid game. I ultimately want to get Force Lightning and Throw on Kylo by the end of the game.

C. I think Force Throw is one of the best cards in the game and far better than Push. Particularly in an end game scenario, Throw is a serious pain when it is 1 on 1. Push isn't awful, but it cannot produce the swings that Throw can.