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Datoneguy760 2

(I realize the continuity error with the name of the deck. Just felt right with it.)

The goal of this deck is to just keep hitting your opponent and always have the battlefield. True its low on ranged defense but with all the Rays and other force characters I think its a safer bet to go Melee hate. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. I'm new at this, only been playing a month.

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whozeppelin224 15

Hey @datoneguy760 nice idea behind the deck. I don't know if you have the cards available to you or not, but putting more weapons in to trigger FN's ability would be one way to go. His ability is fantastic, so the more times you can trigger it, the better.

Great starting place though, hope you're enjoying the game thus far!

Datoneguy760 2

@whozeppelin224 Thank you so much for the suggestion. I really dont have access to it. and most of the time i'm using my resources to counter melee cards. I rarely have any for equipping.